Dudes In Distress 1

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Rivalry-Take you down a peg or two!

Training-..On The Job.

Employee Relations-Do you think you deserve a raise?

50/50-Let's Renegotiate ;-)


Office Revenge-Office politics just got UGLY!

The Enforcer-You don't want to piss this guy off.

Look-a-like Trouble-Bondage, like charity, starts at home.

Guests of the State-Thanks for your hospitality ;-)

Never Volunteer- You don' tknow what you're getting into!

Big Brother-..beats up the Bully!

Harrasment-Somebody needs a retraining order!

Surprised-..Out of the Blue!

Missed Calls-Sorry we missed your call...

Playing the Part-What's My Motivation?

Young and Dumb-...and full of ..you know ;-)

Hosed-Better to ask permission then to beg forgiveness.

Click...-Guess who's seen too much?!

Packing It Away-Got to keep it secured!

Rivals-Joe is going to be a little late for his date!

Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 Main Archive Front Page